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Kindergarten Virtual Tour


Meet Our Team


Karen Keats Whelan, Ph.D.  Principal

Karen has worked alongside children, staff and families over the past 30 years with Edmonton Public Schools as a teacher, researcher, consultant, assistant principal and principal. Nurturing spaces of community where every person feels valued and finds purpose as they share, discover and grow with others matters deeply to Karen.


Donna Brown, MEd.

Assistant Principal, Forest and Nature School Practitioner

Donna has been teaching and learning alongside young children for over 30 years as a teacher, teacher consultant and assistant principal. She believes in co-creating learning adventures through ongoing dialogue with children and educators with a focus on collaborative and emerging passions and interests.


Jennifer Kennedy, Literacy Specialist, Assistant Principal

Jennifer has worked alongside children, staff and families for 25 years with Edmonton Public Schools as a teacher, curriculum coordinator, literacy coach and assistant principal.  Although her passion is literacy, she finds joy in witnessing the every day magic in the meaningful relationships that are fostered in our inclusive learning community.


Amry Gavin, DSLC (Disability Studies: Leadership and Community)

Forest and Nature School Practitioner

Amry has been working alongside young children for the past 16 years in a variety of settings; including summer camps, respite care, and schools. Amry is passionate about being outdoors exploring, wondering, learning and sharing this love of nature with children. After completing her education in Disability Studies, Amry was hired by Edmonton Public Schools and in 2016 was hired as a Forest School Practitioner at Roberta MacAdams School. 


Keri Devlin, B.Ed, Kindergarten Teacher

Forest and Nature School Practitioner

Keri has been teaching and learning alongside children for over 10 years. She believes in the power of the relationship between the child, the adult and the environment; all three being integral parts of learning. Keri has a passion for bringing children's curiosities to life and supporting children as they explore their theories both inside and outside of the classroom.


Kerralea Portuondo, CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)

Educational Assistant, Forest and Nature School

Kerralea has been working alongside young children for the past 17 years, supporting diverse children in a variety of settings.  She believes in learning through play, following a child’s lead, imagination and interests. Kerralea recognizes that connecting children to nature is an integral piece of their education and healthy development.  


Erin Wallace, Child and Youth Care Diploma

Community and Support Work Certificate 

Educational Assistant, Forest and Nature School 

Erin has been working alongside children for over 20 years. Following her education in Child and Youth Care, and Community Support Work, she has worked one on one in supporting families with daily living, provided respite for children with special needs, managed a day home, and worked as an educational assistant. The curiosity and wonder of children shows her that there is always something to learn, see, and discover.




February 23rd, 2023, 6:00pm


This is an opportunity to meet Karen, our Principal, as well as our Kindergarten teachers. We invite you to explore this Open House page as well as our handbooks prior to this live Q&A.


Roberta MacAdams Gymnasium

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2099 Blackmud Creek Dr SW,

Edmonton, AB T6W 1T7

(587) 489-4700

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