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noun, /ˈleɡəsē/

The long-lasting impact of particular events, actions, etc. that took place in the past, or of a person’s life.

What is your purpose? What have you learned?

What is your Legacy? 

Legacy videos tell a story and capture a feeling. They provide an opportunity to sit down with your loved ones and talk about the things that matter -- to them and to you.


Think about the most important thing your mother taught you. What would you like to ask her about what she learned throughout her life? What do you want your grandchildren to know about your mom?  What would you like to tell your mom about the legacy she left on you?

Our Story

Emma Brown Production was born out of a passion for filmmaking and storytelling.

Our Legacy projects however, like many great stories, began unexpectedly. 

The first Legacy video I ever created was for a grandparent of a loved one, back in 2017. When Grandpa Bill's memory began getting shaky, we took a look at all the amazing accomplishments in his life and knew we had to capture his story somehow. Bill was one of the first technicians to build the telephone lines throughout Alberta. Alongside his career achievements was a beautiful story of meeting the love of his life, adopting 3 children, building a lakeside home and growing a family. Over the course of 3 years, we built his story through film. He told us his life story, the lessons he learned, how he grew. He told us about the best times and the most challenging. Where gaps existed in his memory, the family filled in details. When it was time to collect supporting footage, we travelled across Alberta, capturing footage of the first telephone poles to go up and of the gorgeous cabin he built with his own hands. Little did I know, this project would begin a journey of finding meaning in love, time, life and legacy.

Several years after Bill's Legacy Video was completed, his time came and he passed away. If we didn't see the impact of the legacy project at it's first viewing, we definitely saw it following Bill's passing. The video was shared widely; everyone who knew and loved Bill was able to hear about his Legacy, in his own words. Soon after, I began collecting content for my own grandparent's legacy videos. My Grandpa, Andrew, was fully invested in the project from the start. As a Cambridge Graduate, he dove right into collecting photos, making notes and organizing his life's work. He spent the last two years of his life tirelessly supporting my growing business, but more importantly, providing me, my parents, and my 3 siblings with his life, placed neatly in emails, documents, albums and photo folders. I worked hard to finish his legacy video in the weeks following his passing. Having done all the interviewing prior, I got to spend several more weeks with him after he was gone, listening to him talk, hearing his quick witted jokes and his tight-lipped but sincere messages about how to live a good life. I am so grateful for my beautiful Grandad and that whole experience alongside him showed me how important it is to capture the stories, advice and words -- all things we live by.

- Emma


Honor a retiring staff member

Celebrate a loved one

Remember a friend

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The Legacy Film Package

A film centred around a person, couple, or theme. Based around 1 narrative interview, 3 supporting interviews and supporting footage capture. We will begin with a story building meeting and end by collecting your own family photos and video to be included in your legacy film.

Legacy films are an investment that will pay off for years and generations ahead.


Memorial Website

A memorial website is a site which houses everything required to honour the memory of a loved one. Include photo albums, funeral information, a place for others to leave messages, alongside your EBP Legacy Film.

Click HERE to view Andrew's memorial website.

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