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I'm Emma! Thanks for checking out my site. I am so excited to hear about what services you are looking for.


 I'm passionate about telling stories through photo and video and I would love to tell yours.

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My Story

          When I was 9 years old, I received my first video camera. It was a Samsung camcorder with navy blue detailing, minimal buttons and a small flip out screen -- which I thought was pretty darn cool. By the time that camera was finally retired, it had captured countless movies, music videos and skits that I had enjoyed making with my siblings and friends so much. The day I got my first camera was the day I started storytelling.

          With 8 years of professional experience under my belt, I have worked extensively with school boards in and around Edmonton, creating promotional and keepsake content, and I have captured countless weddings, corporate films, and events. While completing my undergraduate degree in English and Film Studies at the University of Alberta, I had the opportunity to work at the Students' Union producing content to capture student events. During my time with the SU, I was also honoured to develop and train a team of passionate media volunteers. This team is still going strong today, capturing campus events and receiving professional media capture training.


Following university, I really got serious about making this passion my career and began working full-time in the industry. In 2021, my Grandpa passed away. I had been making a film about his life and had already gathered interviews and photos -- it just needed to be put together. I spent the following 2 weeks creating the story of his life and when I was able to share that gift with my grieving family, the feeling was indescribable. Thus, my EBP Legacy company was born and is now growing. I love having the ability to capture stories that evoke emotion and are cherished by families. Since beginning this venture, I have been looking for more ways to apply film to what I love, one of which being dance. I grew up dancing and am still an instructor, today. I am so thrilled when I get to bring my camera into the dance studio and capture movement. I have had the opportunity to both create and share beautiful projects during my career and I am so excited to keep doing what I love.

          I am passionate about telling and sharing stories through film and photography and I would love to help you create, capture and share your story -- whatever it may be.



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Custom packages and projects always welcome!


Based in Alberta, Canada

f: @emmabrownproduction

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