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Brown Family Legacy Highlight
This highlight cut of the Brown Family Legacy film is a condensed version of the Legacy Feature Film. Here, lessons, morals,  and reflections are highlighted throughout the telling of stories. 

Brown Family Legacy Feature
This feature cut of the Brown Family Legacy film is the full film, telling all the stories, recounting all the details and sharing all the photos and videos captured along the way. 

Brown Family Legacy Chapters
These chapters of the Brown Family Legacy film are a series of pieces from the Legacy Feature, allowing you to pick and choose the stories you want to hear.

A note from Emma

Thank you for taking the time to watch these memories that were captured in the summer of 2020. I'd like to acknowledge and give endless credit to Andrew and Jo Brown for their hard work gathering photos and preparing the stories they wished to share. Throughout the year following the filming, Andrew, my Grandpa, and I had a long string of emails where he would update me on where he was in his album sorting. "Only six albums to go in the bedroom office", "more stuff", "even more" "Jason1989", "UkPre 1974", read some of the subject lines. Andrew carefully selected to best photos to match a list I provided him and I would like to think that he was just as much a creator of these films as I was. Though he didn't get to view the final product, I believe he would join me in saying "sit back, and enjoy".

-Emma Brown